India-League of Arab States Inaugural Media Symposium (21 August 2014)

The first India-League of Arab States Media Symposium, bringing together senior officials, journalists and editors from both sides, held in New Delhi on 21 August 2014. Indian External Affairs Minister Ms Sushma Swaraj inaugurated the Symposium. Dr Salem Al Dhanhani, chargé d'affaires, Embassy of United Arab Emirates, New Delhi attended the media symposium.
This Symposium seeks to enhance India-Arab League understanding and friendship in the field of media, promote bilateral cooperation and exchange at all levels and in various forms. Both sides also discussed the ways to use various means of media to promote cooperation between their respective media establishments, enhance interactions, offer assistance and facilities for the journalists. The forum hold deliberations on the use of media for promoting the economic and commercial relations between the Arab countries and India.

This Symposium stems from the new Memorandum of Co-operation (MoC) signed between India and the Arab League in December 2013. As part of enhancing engagement League of Arab States (LAS) and India, late last year, signed a MoC with an attached Executive Programme (EP) on the Arab-India Cooperation Forum scheduled for 2014-15.

The media symposium seen participation from journalists and senior media personalities from 16 Arab League States, 4 officials from the Arab League Secretariat, Cairo as well as 18 prominent Indian media personalities including CEO, Prasar Bharati. The discussions spread over three sessions, covered the following three themes- ‘Utilization of Media for Arab and Indian public and enhancement of media friendship, promotion of free exchange of information and review of Arab and Indian media experiments and finally, scope for media cooperation between India and the Arab countries’.

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