Photographic Exhibition of Indian Islamic Monuments in Lebanon

The Embassy of India in collaboration with Institute of Islamic Art & Architecture in Lebanese American University organized an exhibition of photographs shot by Binoy K. Behl on “Islamic Monuments in India” from 2nd-10th October 2014. The inauguration of the exhibition was preceded by a lecture given by Mr. Ratish Nanda, India Projects Director, Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme, Aga Khan Trust for Culture, on the project for the restoration of Humayun’s tomb. The audience, which consisted mainly of students and faculty from Lebanese Arabic University (LAU) and other Universities in Beirut, were extremely impressed by the holistic project of restoration presented by Mr. Nanda, including the creation of a socio-economic involvement focusing on empowering women, educating children and bringing life to the tomb’s surroundings.

October 10, 2014

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