The diplomatic relationship between India and Algeria was established in the same year Algeria gained independence i.e. 1962. Since the beginning, the relations between the two countries have been warm and cordial. Both countries have been consistently supporting each other on vital issues at bilateral and multilateral levels. Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi visited Algeria in 1973, Shri Rajiv Gandhi visited in June 1985 and the President of Algeria Chadli Bendjedid visited India in 1982, 1983 and 1987. President Bouteflika visited India on 24-29 January 2001 as the Chief Guest at the Republic Day Celebrations. Besides these visits many Minister-level and official-level visits were undertaken by both the countries. The latest visit by an Indian Minister was by Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways, Shri Nitin Prasad from 4-6 May 2011 as a Special Envoy of Prime Minister to deliver an invitation to the President of Algeria for the Second India Africa Forum Summit held in Addis Ababa in May 2011.

Algeria is not a favourable destination for Indians so far. There are about 2100 Indians (though only about 1400 of them have registered themselves with the Embassy) working in various projects and establishments, most of them technically skilled persons working on projects in remote areas. Only a handful of Indians live in the capital city of Algiers including some country heads of companies. These Indian constitute less than one percent of total migrants in Algeria. As per 2015 estimates, total remittance received by India from Algeria are 4.42 million USD, which constitute 2.31% of total Algeria’s remittance out flown.  
India’s trade with Algeria is 16.28 Crore INR during the month of November 2016, which includes export of 6.26 Crore INR and import of 10.02 Crore INR.  Overall balance of trade with Algeria is unfavourable (-3.76 Crore INR) due to large import from Algeria.
India not have much notable investment and tourism relationship with Algeria at present in compare to other Arab countries.
India have the major bilateral agreement with Algeria as following:
Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (January 2001), Phytosanitary Agreement (January 2001), Veterinary Sanitation Protocol (January 2001), Air Service Agreement (2000), Agreement between Press Trust of India and Algerian Press Service (2003), Agreement on Cooperation in Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (2003), Cultural Exchange Programme (2003), MoU of Foreign Office Consultations (2000), A Parliamentary Friendship Group (2008)
Updated on March 2017

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