Key Highlights of Bilateral Relationship between India and Comoros (Updated on October 2014)

The Union of Comoros, a former French Colony, is an archipelago of three islands (Anjouan, Moheli, and the largest island, Grande Comore) and a fourth island, Mayotte, is claimed by Comoros but administered by France. Mayotte officially became an overseas Department of France in March 2011.
France provides budgetary support to Comoros. Comoros is predominantly a Muslim country with 98% of the population and Roman Catholics constitute 2% of the population. The commonly used language is Shikomoro (Swahili dialect). French and Arabic are also widely spoken. Around 60% of the population is literate.

India established diplomatic relations with the Union of Comoros in June 1976. The Mission in Antananarivo is concurrently accredited to Comoros. India and Comoros have always enjoyed close and friendly relations. Both the countries have similarities of view on regional and global issues. Comoros is a supporter of India’s permanent membership of the UNSC. A number of VVIP/High-Level visits from Comoros to India have taken place during 2004 to 2013:

Indian Diaspora in Djibouti: 

·         Non Residents Indians (NRI):  50 (February 2010)
·         Overseas Citizen of India (OCI): 250 (February 2010)
·         Total Indian Community: 300 (February 2010)

India’s trade with Djibouti

·         Export (US$ Million): 7.76 (April-August 2014)
·         Import (US$ Million): 0.71 (April-August 2014)
·         Total (US$ Million): 8.47 (April-August 2014)
·         Trade Balance (US$ Million): 7.05 (April-August 2014)

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