Key Highlights of Bilateral Relationship between India and Iraq (Updated on October 2014)

India and Iraq have throughout enjoyed enduring political, economic and cultural ties.  Basra was for the Arab world not only the market par excellence of the Indian merchandise including textiles, spices, food-grains and other commodities but also of the famous pearl trade that flourished mainly through the Indian traders and jewelers.  The Indian soldiers and railway workers through whom the British colonial power controlled and kept its dominion connected with the Arab world, particularly Iraq, have left an imprint in the region that many Iraqis still proudly claim their Indian ethnic descent.  India and Iraq have even shared agricultural practices.  The breed of the southern Iraqi jamus or the water buffalo had been brought by Harun Al-Rashid from India..

Indian Diaspora in Iraq: 

·         Non Residents Indians (NRI):  8995 (February 2010)
·         Overseas Citizen of India (OCI): 5 (February 2010)
·         Total Indian Community: 9000 (February 2010)
·         Remittance inflows (US$ Million): 1.071 (2012)

Iraq Students studying in India:

·         Male: 852 (2011-2012)
·         Female: 105 (2011-2012)
·         Total: 957 (2011-2012)

India’s trade with Iraq:

·         Export (US$ Million): 286.4 (April-August 2014)
·         Import (US$ Million): 7407.83 (April-August 2014)
·         Total (US$ Million): 7694.23 (April-August 2014)
·         Trade Balance (US$ Million): -7121.43 (April-August 2014)

Bilateral Investment with Iraq:

·         Investment inflows (US$ Million): 0.03 (2014-upto July 2014)
·         Investment outflows (US$ Million): Nil (August 2014)

Bilateral Tourism with Iraq:

·         Outbound : 13680 (2011)
·        Inbound : 41218 (2013)

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