Key Highlights of Bilateral Relationship between India and Libya (Updated on October 2014)

Though separated by geography, India and Libya enjoy strong bilateral ties. India established its Diplomatic Mission in Tripoli in 1969. The high water mark of Indo-Libya relations was the visit of Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi to Libya in 1984. India has supported Libya in international fora. India welcomed the United Nations Security Council resolution 1506 adopted on September 12, 2003, lifting sanctions imposed on Libya.

Indian Diaspora in Libya: 
·         Non Residents Indians (NRI):  14995 (February 2010)
·         Overseas Citizen of India (OCI): 5 (February 2010)
·         Total Indian Community: 15000 (February 2010)·

India’s trade with Libya:

·         Export (US$ Million): 78.85 (April-August 2014)
·         Import (US$ Million): 64.79 (April-August 2014)
·         Total (US$ Million): 143.64 (April-August 2014)
·         Trade Balance (US$ Million): 14.06 (April-August 2014)

Important Bilateral Treaties and Agreements
The following Agreements/Memorandum of Understandings have been signed between India and Libya:

  •     Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion (1981);
  •    Agreement for Cooperation in the field of Health and Medical Sciences (1983);
  •    Agreement on Economic Cooperation (1985);
  •    Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) (2007);
  •    Cultural Exchange Agreement (2007);
  •    Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in the Field of Elections (2012).
  •    MoU between the two Election Commissions in Nov 2012.

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