Key Highlights of Bilateral Relationship between India and Mauritania (Updated on October 2014)

Till the establishment of the Indian Embassy in Bamako, Mali the Indian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal was looking after Mauritania. Now the concurrent jurisdiction of the Indian Embassy in Bamako, Mali concurrently extends to Mauritania.

India has a Honorary Consul in Nouakchott. In July 2009, Gen. Abdel Aziz won the Presidential elections and continues to be the Head of State of the country. Next Presidential elections are due in 2014. President Aziz had also attended the Second India Africa Forum Summit in Addis Ababa on 24-25th May 2011. He met Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during the Summit. Mauritanian President has already accepted an invitation from Dr. Singh to visit India, the logistics of which would be processed through Diplomatic channels. Mauritania and India have commonality of membership of various International organizations including that of NAM. Both India and Mauritania are aware of the potential for mutually beneficial bilateral co-operation in various fields including the mining sector and are working towards formulating specific projects for implementation.

Indian Diaspora in Mauritania: 

·         Non Residents Indians (NRI):  20 (February 2010)
·         Overseas Citizen of India (OCI): 0 (February 2010)
·         Total Indian Community: 20 (February 2010)

India’s trade with Mauritania

·         Export (US$ Million): 26.04 (April-August 2014)
·         Import (US$ Million): 20.79 (April-August 2014)
·         Total (US$ Million): 46.83 (April-August 2014)
·         Trade Balance (US$ Million): 5.25 (April-August 2014)

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