Historic Visit: Sultan of Oman Welcomed by Indian Prime Minister

Historic Visit: Sultan of Oman Welcomed by Indian Prime Minister

New Delhi, December 16, 2023 - In a landmark development, the Sultan of Oman, Sultan Haitham, has embarked on a state visit to India after a hiatus of 26 years, marking a significant milestone in the diplomatic ties between the two nations. Welcoming the distinguished delegation from Oman, Indian Prime Minister addressed the historic occasion during the delegation-level talks held on December 16, 2023.

Prime Minister Modi expressed immense pleasure in welcoming the Sultan and the delegation, emphasizing the historic significance of the visit. He conveyed the joy of 140 crore Indians in extending a warm welcome to the Sultan, hailing the moment as a pivotal day in the enduring friendship between India and Oman.

Highlighting the enduring bond between the two countries, the Prime Minister emphasized the deep-rooted friendship that transcends geography, manifesting in centuries-old trade, cultural exchanges, and shared priorities. He underscored the importance of building on this rich history to forge a brighter future.

During the talks, a new "India-Oman Joint Vision – A Partnership for the Future" was unveiled, outlining concrete action points across 10 different areas. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that this joint vision would bring a modern and dynamic dimension to the partnership.

The ongoing discussions on the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) were also highlighted, with two successful rounds already completed. The PM anticipated the swift signing of the agreement, heralding a new chapter in economic cooperation between India and Oman.

On the global stage, the Prime Minister acknowledged the close coordination between India and Oman, citing Oman's valuable contribution as a guest country during India's G20 presidency. He expressed gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Haitham for the welfare of the large Indian diaspora in Oman, citing them as living examples of the strong ties and friendship between the two nations.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister extended a warm welcome to Sultan Haitham once again and took the opportunity to congratulate Oman for qualifying for the 2024 T-20 Cricket World Cup, conveying best wishes for their success in the tournament.