Arab Nations Dominate Q3 2023 in India's International Air Passenger Traffic

Arab Nations Dominate Q3 2023 in India's International Air Passenger Traffic

During the July-September 2023, India's international air passenger traffic witnessed a significant surge, with United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerging as a key player, contributing to nearly one-third of the total scheduled international air passenger traffic.

The latest statistics reveal that the Arab nations collectively constitute a staggering 53% of India's total air passenger traffic, showcasing a remarkable influence on the country's aviation landscape. The data, extracted from the third-quarter results, sheds light on the individual contributions of various Arab nations to this surge in air travel.

Leading the pack, the United Arab Emirates stands out with an impressive 2,371,961 passengers arriving in India and 2,397,885 departing from Indian airports. This bilateral exchange amounted to a staggering 4,769,846 passengers during the quarter, solidifying UAE's position as a pivotal partner in India's aviation network.

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia also made substantial contributions, with 459,735 and 1,010,074 passengers, respectively, traversing the skies between these nations and India. Other notable contributors include Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, and Yemen, each playing a crucial role in shaping India's international air traffic landscape.

The overall passenger count from Arab countries reached an impressive 4,175,453 arrivals and 4,119,220 departures, combining for a total of 8,294,673 passengers. This robust engagement between India and Arab nations underscores the deepening ties and growing economic partnerships.

Despite this surge in Arab nations' contribution, it's essential to note that the total passenger traffic across the world during the third quarter of 2023 stood at a substantial 15,583,429 passengers. India's air travel, in particular, witnessed a commendable 7,665,677 arrivals and 7,915,752 departures during this period.

The percentage share of Arab countries in India's total passenger traffic reached an impressive 54% for arrivals and 52% for departures, averaging at 53% overall. This signifies the growing significance of Arab nations in shaping India's air travel dynamics and highlights the strengthening bonds between these regions.