Foreign Airlines Lead the India-Arab Air Traffic

Foreign Airlines Lead the India-Arab Air Traffic

Foreign airlines have been instrumental in bridging the travel gap between India and Arab countries. According to the scheduled international passenger traffic data from the DGCA for 2021-2022, foreign airlines accounted for 52% of the total 15 million passengers, while Indian airlines trailed slightly at 48%. The leading foreign airlines with the most substantial scheduled international passenger traffic between India and Arab nations include:

1. Air Arabia: 23.85%

Air Arabia leads the pack with the highest percentage share of scheduled international passenger traffic between India and the Arab region. Out of a total of 7,613,380 passengers, a substantial 1,815,887 flew with Air Arabia, accounting for 23.85% of the market. This indicates the airline's strong presence and popularity among travelers connecting India and the Arab countries.

2. Qatar Airways: 20.11%

Qatar Airways is another major player in this route, carrying 1,531,199 passengers, which translates to a 20.11% share. The airline's strategic hub in Doha makes it a preferred choice for passengers traveling between India and the Arab world, with numerous onward connections.

3. Emirates Airline: 19.17%

Emirates Airline, based in Dubai, is renowned for its extensive global network. In this period, it carried 1,459,141 passengers, securing a 19.17% share. Dubai's status as a major transit hub has undoubtedly contributed to Emirates' strong performance on this route.

4. Fly Dubai: 12.81%

Fly Dubai, a sister airline of Emirates, captured a 12.81% share with 975,238 passengers. The airline focuses on offering affordable options for travelers, making it an attractive choice for those flying between India and Arab countries.

5. Etihad Airways: 7.63%

Etihad Airways carried 580,964 passengers, representing a 7.63% share. As the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad offers a range of services to Indian travelers, contributing significantly to the traffic on this route.

6. Oman Air: 3.57%

Oman Air, with its hub in Muscat, transported 272,033 passengers, accounting for a 3.57% share. The airline's connections to various Arab destinations make it a viable option for passengers traveling to the region.

7. Kuwait Airways: 3.02%

Kuwait Airways had a 3.02% share, carrying 230,219 passengers. The airline's services cater to those heading to Kuwait and beyond, providing an important link in the India-Arab travel network.

8. Jazeera Airways: 2.81%

Jazeera Airways, a low-cost carrier, had a 2.81% share, with 214,289 passengers. The airline's competitive fares attract travelers looking for budget-friendly options.

9. Saudia: 2.28%

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) carried 173,775 passengers, securing a 2.28% share. The airline connects major Indian cities to Saudi Arabia and beyond.

10. Gulf Air: 1.87%

Gulf Air, with its base in Bahrain, held a 1.87% share, transporting 142,640 passengers. The airline's network aids travelers flying between India and the Arab Gulf region.

Other Airlines: 2.86%

Other foreign airlines collectively had a 2.86% share, representing 217,995 passengers traveling between India and the Arab world.

In total, foreign airlines played a pivotal role in facilitating travel between India and the Arab region during the specified period, carrying a substantial 7,613,380 passengers. This data underscores the importance of air connectivity in strengthening the ties between these two regions, both economically and culturally. As travel trends continue to evolve, it will be intriguing to see how these percentages fluctuate in the coming years.