India's Meat Exports to UAE Reach $125 Million in January-July 2023

India's Meat Exports to UAE Reach $125 Million in January-July 2023

India's trade links with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have always been substantial, and meat export is a significant segment of this bilateral trade. From buffalo meat to the processed variants, India's meat market has found a steady consumer in the UAE.

In totality, during the period of January to July 2023 as per data released by Indian ministry of commerce, India exported meat worth 124.93 million US dollars to the UAE from its overall meat exports amounting to 1,917.76 million US dollars. The UAE's share in India's meat export pie chart is 6.51%.

Buffalo Meat: This remains a significant export, with the UAE importing 91.02 million US dollars' worth of buffalo meat out of India's total buffalo meat export of 1,872.38 million US dollars. The share of the UAE in this particular meat segment stands at 4.86%.

Sheep/Goat Meat: The figures here are particularly impressive. Of the 44.23 million US dollars’ worth of sheep/goat meat exported by India, 33.88 million US dollars' worth went to the UAE. That's a significant 76.59% of the total exports in this category.

Processed Meat: Although the numbers are relatively small (with the UAE importing just 0.02 million US dollars out of India's total 1.03 million US dollars in this category), it's noteworthy that the processed meat market holds potential for expansion.

Other Meat: A smaller category, but the UAE occupies a considerable percentage. While India exported meat worth 0.02 million US dollars to the UAE, its total exports in this category are 0.12 million US dollars. This translates to the UAE having a 20.43% share.

India is among the top exporters of meat to the UAE, standing tall with other meat-producing giants like Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, and the United States of America. However, it's vital to note the shifts in trade dynamics. India's share in the exports to the UAE has seen a decline from 11% in 2017 to 7.3% in 2021. Over the last five years (2017-2021), there has been an 18% decrease in India's meat exports to the UAE.