Qatar Received 340 Thousand Indian Tourists during January to October 2023

Qatar Received 340 Thousand Indian Tourists during January to October 2023

Qatar's allure as a global tourist destination continues to gain momentum, with the latest data for January to October 2023 shedding light on the top 10 source markets and their respective contributions. In this period, Qatar hosted a total of 3,142 thousand visitors, India was the second largest source market after Saudi Arabia.

Unsurprisingly, Qatar's neighbor, Saudi Arabia, emerges as the leading source market, accounting for an impressive 25% of the total visitors. This emphasizes the strong regional ties and the symbiotic relationship between the two Gulf nations.

India, standing as the second-largest source market, contributes significantly with 340 thousand visitors, capturing an 11% share. What makes this even more noteworthy is India's position as the leading non-Arab country, showcasing the increasing popularity of Qatar among South Asian travelers.

Germany and the United Kingdom feature prominently in the list, each contributing 122 thousand visitors. The European market, with its diverse interests and preferences, plays a crucial role in Qatar's tourism tapestry, constituting a collective 8% of the total share.

The United States, with 132 thousand visitors, is a significant player, highlighting the appeal of Qatar to the American traveler. Additionally, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations such as Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain collectively contribute 10% to Qatar's total visitors, underlining the importance of regional tourism collaboration.

The diversity among the top 10 source markets showcases Qatar's success in attracting visitors from different corners of the world. This diversified approach helps insulate the tourism sector from external shocks and positions Qatar as a global destination for a wide range of travelers.

India's position as the leading non-Arab source market is a testament to Qatar's success in tapping into the South Asian market. As India continues to be a key player, tailoring services and experiences to suit the preferences of Indian travelers could further solidify Qatar's standing in this market.