Share of Arab Countries in Scheduled International Passenger Traffic of Indian Airlines

Share of Arab Countries in Scheduled International Passenger Traffic of Indian Airlines

The aviation industry has always been an essential connection between countries, and the scheduled international passenger traffic data from Indian Airlines for the year 2021-2022 further emphasizes this connection. A significant portion of the international passenger traffic from Indian airlines flies to Arab countries, indicating the robust relationship between India and the Arab world. Besides Indian Airlines, top 10 international airlines for passenger traffic between Arab and India are Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airline, Fly Dubai and Etihad Airlines.

In total, out of the 10,201,547 international passengers from all these Indian airlines, a whopping 7,000,916 or 68.6% were destined for Arab countries. This data is a clear testament to the close ties and the high volume of passenger traffic between India and the Arab world.

As per the recent data, Indigo, India's largest airline in terms of passenger numbers, has an overwhelming 81.1% of its international passenger traffic going to Arab countries. With a total of 3,156,733 passengers, a massive 2,558,665 flew to Arab nations.

Similarly, Air India Express, another major airline, witnessed an even higher percentage, with 91.9% of its 2,272,978 passengers flying to Arab countries, which equates to 2,088,520 passengers.

Air India, the national carrier which recently acquired by Tata group, had a slightly different pattern. Out of its 2,960,626 passengers, only 39.2% or 1,161,915 passengers were bound for Arab countries. This suggests that Air India has a more diversified international passenger distribution.

Budget carriers Spicejet and Go Air also had a substantial share of their passengers flying to Arab countries. 71.1% of Spicejet's 766,960 passengers and 72.9% of Go Air's 629,915 passengers were heading to the Arab world.

Vistara Airlines, a relatively newer player in the aviation industry, witnessed 45.1% of its 414,335 passengers traveling to Arab countries, accounting for 187,047 passengers.

Several factors contribute to this significant share. The historical trade ties, the large Indian expatriate community in the Arab world, tourism, and business opportunities are among the primary reasons.

In conclusion, the scheduled international passenger traffic data of Indian Airlines for 2021-2022 highlights the strong aviation relationship between India and Arab countries. It will be interesting to see how these numbers evolve in the future and what it indicates for the broader relationship between these regions.