Over 52% of 18 Million Indian Migrants Opt for Arab Countries.

Over 52% of 18 Million Indian Migrants Opt for Arab Countries.

Migration has always been an integral part of the socio-economic fabric of India. Over the years, many Indians have found opportunities and better livelihoods abroad, particularly in the Arab countries. Based on the data from 2021 released by the World Bank, it's clear that the Arab world remains a prominent destination for Indian migrants.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands out as the most favored destination with 3,471,300 Indians, which is a substantial 39.8% of the total migrant population of 8,716,332 in the country. Following closely is Saudi Arabia with 2,502,337 Indians, constituting 18.6% of the total migrant population there.

Oman hosts 1,375,667 Indians, which is an impressive 58% of its total migrant populace, the highest percentage share among the Arab countries. Kuwait and Qatar are also notable destinations with 1,152,175 and 702,013 Indians respectively. This means that in Kuwait, Indians make up 37% of the migrant population, and in Qatar, they account for 31.5%.

In total, there are 9,584,260 Indians living in Arab countries. To put that into perspective, out of the 18,130,865 Indians who have migrated worldwide, over half (52.8% to be exact) have chosen Arab countries as their home away from home. This accounts for a 23.1% share of the total migrant population across these Arab nations.

The historical, cultural, and economic ties between India and the Arab world have paved the way for this significant migration. These numbers not only underscore the deep-rooted relationships but also highlight the pivotal role Indian migrants play in the development and growth of their host countries.