Arab Students Make Up 19.5% of total Foreign Enrollment in India

Arab Students Make Up 19.5% of total Foreign Enrollment in India

India has long been a melting pot of diverse cultures and educational opportunities. Every year, thousands of foreign student’s flock to India to benefit from its vast educational institutions. The academic year 2020-2021 was no different, with a significant number of students hailing from Arab countries.

The data reveals that while most foreign students enrolled in India are from neighboring SAARC countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, accounting for 43% of the total intake, Arab countries to have a notable representation.

Out of a total of 48,035 foreign students in India during this academic year, 9,385 were from Arab countries. This means that approximately 19.5% of foreign students in India hail from Arab nations. A breakdown by gender showcases that 20.4% of the male foreign students and 17.7% of the female foreign students in India are from Arab countries.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the chart with 2,307 students, with males numbering 1,286 and females 1,021. This amounts to a significant 24.6% of all Arab students in India.

Sudan follows in second place with 1,600 students, a considerable number, but with a stark gender disparity: 1,441 males to 159 females, representing 17.0% of Arab students in India.

Yemen, at 11.7%, sends a combined total of 1,095 students, while Saudi Arabia, with a more balanced gender ratio, contributes 751 students, making up 8.0% of the Arab student population in India.

Countries like Oman, Syrian Arab Republic, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Somalia also have substantial student representations ranging from 7.4% to a lower 3.2%.

The overall male to female ratio among Arab students in India is skewed towards males. Out of the total 9,385 Arab students, 7,118 are male, while 2,727 are female. This under representation of females might point to societal, economic, or other factors influencing the choices of female students from Arab countries.

India's educational system continues to attract students from across the globe, with Arab countries forming a significant chunk. The reasons for this influx could range from India's affordable education system, diverse course offerings, cultural appeal, or historical ties. As the numbers continue to rise, it is essential to delve deeper into the unique needs and experiences of these students, ensuring that India remains a preferred educational hub for all.